" CONTROL SYSTEM " 100% LIVE (Training + Placement )

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" CONTROL SYSTEM " 100% LIVE (Training + Placement )


Course Name - Automotive Engine control

Automotive Engine control Training (In class) the students are working on the 2016 Dodge Challenger for the Real Time (Hands on experience)

Course Information
The course is Intended for Car Enthusiasts & who are seeking Job in Automotive industry. The course is developed for the engineers/technicians who thrust to support OEM manufacturers to meet Performance, Fuel consumption, Emissions, & other customer demands.
The Course will help you to learn about the Automotive control systems, basic architecture, terminology & the development process that is used to meet engine system requirements
The course provides participants with knowledge on the Automotive domains, Mechanical-Electrical-Electronics-Hydraulics Interactions in Automotive sub systems & the control strategies on a test bench and on a vehicle.
Course Requirements
• Engineers, Technicians, with background in Mechanical, electrical, electronics, or Industrial engineering who are interested in design & testing of Vehicle Powertrains.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
• Analyze the parameters used to characterize performances, efficiency, combustion, emissions, & Powertrain management.
• Analyze the architecture and the functions of the engine control systems, Vehicle Network protocols, the sensors/actuators & In-Loop testing (Hardware/Software).
Each Monday, Performance of the students is evaluated & the Outstanding Performer who show remarkable creativity will be awarded with “Performer of the week” award.
Awards Include:
Certificate with Ford Rouge Factory Tour Passes, Ford Museum passes, Go-karting passes, etc.

Feel free to reach me on Call/Email
Naveen Raju Resource Excutive
Direct: 248-466-0434
41200 Bridge street,
Novi, MI 48375.

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